Keep Calm and Apply More Lip Gloss

If I could choose between matte and glossy lips, I’d go for glossy any day. I know lip gloss is not everyone’s cup of tea because it can get sticky and messy and trap some hair strands on a windy day. It’s also harder to keep on for a long period of time than a matte lipstick. I, however think lip glosses are worth the re-application every couple of hours and the hair getting caught because I personally think it looks better on me.

A couple of years ago I bought a lip gloss set from Sephora. It came with 6 mini shades of the Marvelous Moxie lip glosses by Bare Minerals. After I used up all the bottles, I never thought about re-purchasing. I’m not sure why, considering people used to ask me what I had on my lips all the time and the fact that it’s my favorite lip gloss ever.

Last year I decided to re-purchase one in my favorite color Maverick. I couldn’t be anymore happier because I was using a Victoria Secret lip gloss at the time and it was horrible.


What I like about it?

Well for one, its not sticky or uncomfortable (your hair will still get caught in it though). The main thing I like about it is the color. I have a medium skin tone and it’s hard finding lip glosses that don’t make me look like I have ashy lips. It also pairs well with any lip color, even a red or black. The lip gloss does have fine sparkles in it but nothing crazy, and I think it adds more shine tbh.

If you have any other lip gloss suggestions let me know! I’m long overdue for a trip to Sephora… 🙂

P.S I think Sephora stopped selling it on their website and the product may be discontinued, but I found it on Amazon: Bare Minerals- Lip Gloss 





Why Iron Supplements are Apart of my Beauty Routine

Since I was 12 I have been struggling with an iron deficiency. My doctor always prescribed pills that either caused me nausea or extreme constipation (I know TMI) and just overall discomfort. I know iron deficiencies are very common, in fact 1 in 5 people have it (especially women), so I thought this would be useful to some of you.

I started experimenting with off the counter brands and recently found one I really like, Natures Bounty Gentle Iron. It gives my body all the iron my body needs daily, without compromising the comfort of my stomach and intestines. Not to mention it’s cheap and free from harmful substances that other brands contain. Although each capsule contains 28 mg of iron, I typically take about 2 capsules a day because my body naturally needs more.

Now, why is this apart of my beauty routine?

I noticed after a few weeks of taking them that there were a lot of physical changes to my body. My nails, hair and skin specifically. Before my hair had been falling out like crazy, I would shed hair more than a dog sheds it’s fur and now I barely even shed any. Since I suffer from acne I also noticed my scars fading away a lot faster too, and my nails aren’t nearly as brittle and weak as the way they were prior to using the supplements.

If you’re curious about the product you can check it out here, and remember to consult your doctor first! This is something that has worked for me but does not mean it will for you, so do your research and ask your doctor first 🙂

Natures Bounty Gentle Iron

How strong is your eyebrow game?

Brows are a pain in the ass. Especially if you have really complicated ones like me. My brows are pretty thick but the part where my brows starts are bald and sparse. Finding a product that didn’t make my eyebrows look so drawn on and unnatural was a mission.

When people started raving about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade, I couldn’t figure out why, because it made my eyebrows look like this….


Finally after giving the product a second go I started to get the hang of it. Practice really does make perfect because eventually I was able to get my brows looking like this (that is my real eyebrow)…


Now I can’t go a day without my dipbrow. I use the color dark brown and am really cautious with the amount of product I use. I even have the brush and trust me it helps a lot. On one end is a fine angled brush for mimicking brow hairs and on the other is a spooly to brush it out, making them appear more natural looking.


If you haven’ tried it out, or have and didn’t like it at first like me, I encourage you to give it a second go and definitely keep practicing if you wan’t to achieve those Instagram eyebrows.

Products mentioned:



Top 5 Favorite Products for Valentines Day

Since Valentines day is approaching I figured I’d make a post about my top 5 favorite products for Valentines Day.  P.S if you want to check the products out I have included links, just click on the names below.

  1. Victoria Secret- Very Sexy Perfume 

This is my absolute favorite scent of all time. The name pretty much speaks for itself. Very Sexy has been a favorite of mine since high school and never leaves my purse. If you like scents that are musky and floral I suggest trying this one out. It also comes in a body spray version (which is what I currently own) and body lotion.


2. Wet and Wild- Spotlight Red Lipstick

I usually gravitate for a matte lipstick on Valentines Day (for obvious reasons). This one is not only matte, it lasts all day on me and Wet and Wild has a variety of colors to choose from. Personally I like Spotlight Red because it’s the perfect fire engine red.


3. Tom Ford- Eyeshadow Quad

This is my favorite high end eye shadow palette for when I want a sultry and sexy look. There are 4 shades that can be used wet or dry and the pigmentation is unreal. The one I own is called Honeymoon.


4.  O.P.I- Passion Nail Polish

Valentines Day is always associated with the colors reds and pinks which is why I chose my favorite pink nail polish. O.P.I has thousands of colors but this is my absolute favorite and have almost used up!


5.  Ardell- Demi Wispies

If you haven’t tried these lashes, what are you waiting for? By far the most natural looking eyelashes for everyday use and for Valentines Day because it gives you that flirty look without looking too dramatic.



If My Lashes Can Do This, So Can Yours: Two Faced- Better Than Sex Mascara

For the past year I’ve had a lot of girls asking me if my lashes are real or if I’m wearing falsies. If your born with short lashes like me than you know how much of a compliment that is!

My natural lashes are pretty short but curl upward making my eyes not look so completely naked (as shown in the top photo). I used to use just regular drugstore mascaras until my sister got me started on the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced. I honestly couldn’t believe the difference it made and how much I really liked the product, since I always opt for cheaper alternatives.

As you can see (and by the way, sorry for the terrible photo quality) it made a huge difference in the length of my lashes and makes my eyes appear a lot larger and wider than before.

How I use this product:

  1. I scrape off the product on the wand (the more product there is the more clumpy your eyelashes)
  2. I shimmy my brush (yes shimmy) starting from the root of the lash going up about 3 times per eye
  3. I repeat (if necessary)

Also feel free to incorporate an eyelash curler if your eyelashes are straight and stubborn.

Check out this mascara here: Two Faced: Better Than Sex

The Best, Cheap Beauty Blender: Quo Blending Sponge Review

Beauty sponges are great for giving you that flawless finish and making your foundation blend into your skin. Something I just can’t justify however, is spending a good $22 on the beauty blender when there are so many dupes that do the same job, just a hell lot cheaper. Personally I prefer the Quo blending sponge. I buy them for $8 (Canadian dollars) at the drugstore. Since the sponges can absorb a lot of bacteria it’s important you switch your sponges every couple of months or you’ll risk having unwanted break outs and spreading bacteria on your face. If you’re just starting out makeup or on a budget, I highly recommend you try the Quo blending sponge. It does the same job for a cheaper price and it’s a pretty purple color 🙂


The Worst Perfume I’ve Ever Bought

Valentino- Donna

I apologize to those who actually like the scent of this but for some reason it just doesn’t sit well with me anymore. Valentino- Donna is a pretty pricey perfume. I bought it around 265$ and absolutely loved it when I smelled it in the store. But then I started wearing it more often and it began making me sick. To me it started smelling like bad breathe and throw up. My friends and family never really like the smell either and would hold their noses every time I walked past them. I guess not all scents are made for everyone. The bottle is cute though so I guess I’ll use it as decoration for my dresser, but god forbid I ever wear that perfume again. yuck!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone,

I decided to create this blog to review all the products I’ve tried out over the years. I love buying new makeup and whatever is currently trending in the beauty industry. I’ve spent a lot of $$ on products that just never worked for me or wasn’t worth breaking the bank for, so I will be sharing my thoughts and reviews on those as well. Be sure to leave me suggestions on new products I should give a go! or something you’re interested in buying but not sure yet, and give my page a follow or add me on Instagram and Facebook if you’d like to see more @receiptsandreviews